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Details, Details, Details...

Home staging and design is all about the details. Fabrics, colours, shapes, balance- all important elements in your overall design that need to be considered. Vancouver boasts exceptional views from many homes in the lower mainland and working with the natural light is crucial. 

Use neutral colours to accentuate a view that’s show stealing, and bring in mirrors and dim marble lamps to help create the same ambiance if your view is not as grand. Regardless of your space, whether it be a condo townhouse or single family home, a good designer will know what elements to highlight in order to showcase your property properly. 

Home staging is an extremely effective way to get top dollar for the sale of your asset because home buyers get to imagine themselves in your space without the restraints on imagination such as personal items, clutter or poor lighting. Vancouver home buyers are a selective clientele - seeing a properly staged home is naturally going to appeal to their own sensibilities and functionality.

Furthermore, if the property is to be utilized as an investment property, Air BNB, etc, properly designing that space will attract a much higher clientele and then over will likely be less frequent if it’s properly set up as an executive listing in the Downtown Vancouver Financial District.