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Guest Room Design

Do you frequently have guests coming to stay? If space is tight, you're probably like many people who have a room dedicated to a multitude of different functions. This room often serves as an office, hosts additional storage and is home to out-of-towners looking for a spot to crash.

This room has a ton of challenges, depending on the frequency of it's use and it's size. If creating a welcoming space for guests is important to you, try to follow some of the best practices laid out below to turn up the charm.

Little things go a long way when you're hosting, and guests will be really thankful if they think you've gone out of your way to ensure their stay is enjoyable. Grab some terry cloth robes (Costco, Walmart and The Bay all have great selections) and fold them on the bed prior to your guests arrival with a small chocolate tucked into the crossfold. They won't know what hit em!

Ensure bedding is either pre made, or is easily accessible. You don't want to have to rummage around for linens once they've arrived. Consider adding a quilt or throw blanket to the foot of the bed especially in transitional months where nighttime temperatures can be uncertain. They'll appreciate being able to toss on an extra layer if things get chilly. 

Regardless if you have side tables, or if you're space is equipped with a dresser, you have a flat surface somewhere in the room! Furnish the room with a small water pitcher and glasses. This is one of the smallest touches that will be greatly appreciated in the middle of the night, when guests get thirsty and don't want to go spelunking through your house in search of the kitchen and glassware. Major brownie points especially if there was a little too much 'fun' the night before.

The rest of their experience will be dictated less by the decor of their room and more by your graciousness as a host. Let your natural abilities shine!