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Sofa Situations

Often one of the largest-ticket items in a new home or design, the sofa is an important first consideration when you're planning your living space. 

Initially built with only comfort in mind, the revolution of the sofa has been a crazy one. Gone are the days of a piece of furniture that serves only as a spot for after-work relaxation (aka the sloth potato). This piece has become extremely utilitarian in latter years. Besides its obvious function, the piece really has the ability to tie a room together or undo it. 

Designers at Gens Interiors work with clients to articulate exactly what their needs are for this particular piece of the puzzle. Gone are the days of choosing between comfort and beauty - you can easily have your cake and eat it too - but we'll help you determine which is more of a priority for your situation. 

If entertaining is a goal, you'll want to choose something that's comfortable yet sleek and sophisticated. The fabric and style might be a priority over proximity to the television. If you're a family, the opposite might be true. Be advised - choosing something with longevity that's reputable might seem like a splurge, but you'll be saving money over time when it lasts you for years.

nap heaven.