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Styling Entryways

When you flip through some of your favorite home decor magazines, chances are you'll see gorgeous photos of a well-styled entryway, complete with lush florals, suspiciously clean looking gum boots and maybe a vintage walking cane or umbrella, for effect.

Who lives here?!? Sure, having these things on hand can be advantageous for when you're hosting an event and you've had the time to prune your most well-utilized room. Otherwise, it's simply a hindrance. If you want to emulate that well manicured entry style without sacrificing the day to day utility of that space, listen up. 

First of all, invest in a mirror. A mirror will open up the space, which is usually either quite compartmentalized or otherwise long and narrow. Strategically placing a round hanging mirror with a cool frame will add visual interest to the space without overtaking it. It also adds depth and colour depending on the time of day the natural light hits it.

A couple baskets will go a long way too. If you're looking for storage options that are pretty as well as reasonably functional, baskets are your new best friend. Home Sense has definitely got your covered. If you've got shelving, pop a couple up top to take up space without cluttering the zone. These are ideal for shoving toys and winter accessories in a pinch.

If you just need to have that Pinterest hallway look, head over to Anthropologie where they've got some gorgeous dried straw bundles and artificials in stock. Throw them in a decorative basket, and Bobs your uncle. Of course, if you're crafty, you can try to make something yourself, but keep in mind that having something that lasts long term is important here. The goal is to spend some time making it look pretty and then to step back and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Let us know what worked, and what other rips you'd like to see!