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Transition Spaces

Often overlooked in homes, 'transitional spaces' like hallways and mudrooms are usually bland just because the love has gone into the surrounding rooms and they were sorrowfully neglected. They're sad, and you should be too. 

staircase of dreams

Hallway walls are a great place to feature family portraits or small-mid sized art. If you've got the space, we suggest pulling an accent chair into the hall with a draped throw to give it some texture. The goal is to maximize the natural flow of your home and really crack down on segregating specific spaces. 

Think of your home as an 'outfit'. Even though you might not personally care about the socks you're wearing, you'd likely agree that a well-dressed individual can be recognized based on their coordination and consistency. You won't notice the socks first, but you'll still see them, and the same goes for the bland hallway that you've been avoiding.  

Don't worry about prioritizing these particular spaces, instead, spend the time working on the laborious project of finding photos you love, having them printed, and investing in a couple quality frames. They will come together in time and will likely become your favourite part of the home!