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Curating A Vibe

You know what a personal stylist is, it's someone who chooses your clothes and stops just short of, well, literally dressing you. An interior stylist performs the same function for your home and packages can differ greatly depending on your needs. 

A stylist will help you define your aesthetic style and will couple that with your lifestyle to come up with a furniture or style solution that will work for you long term.

Things that will be taken into consideration during this consult will be your likelihood to entertain, and if you do, how often? This is a hugely important consideration for the layout of your home because this need dictates what kind of furniture and styling will suit you.

Comfort is always a factor when choosing furniture, but levels of comfort vary widely depending on the primary use of the space. Colour palettes are similarly dependant on usage. Soft creams and ivory tones add a 'wow' factor to any sitting room, but might not be practical if children or animals share the space.

Lighting is another consideration. Arguably the easiest way to change the 'vibe' of a room, your lighting is hugely important in setting the mood of the space. Work spaces, bedrooms and kitchens have clearly different lighting needs based on their functionality. Apply the same principles when thinking about common spaces like offices and sitting rooms.

Starting to weigh these considerations is the first step in building a space you love!